Using Automatic Link and Automatic Embed/iFrame

PDF viewer for WordPress PDF viewer for WordPress / How to Use? Last updated on Updated  May 17, 2021

If you already have a lots of PDF links on your website, don't want to go through each pdf to create PDF Viewer individually, this section is for you!

You can enable Automatic iFrame or Automatic Link options to automatically convert all your links ending in .pdf to open with PDF Viewer for WordPress.

Please note that, the pdf url's href parameter must end in .pdf and the file must be hosted under the same domain for this function to work.

So, let's get started,

  1. Navigate to PDF Viewer > Global Settings > Automatic Display Menu on your wp-admin
  2. On the first field on this page, you'll see 2 options to select from
    1. Selecting Automatic iFrame/Embed option will replace all the .pdf links with an embedded pdf viewer on the same place where the link was.
    2. If you select Automatic iFrame, 2 more fields will appear in the bottom section for setting iframe width and height. Set those fields and click on save button to save the changes.
    3. Selecting Automatic Link option will replace all the .pdf links to open with a PDF Viewer. This option just changes the links, anchor text and everything else remains the same.
    4. If you select Automatic Link option, another field will appear below for setting Link Target. Set Link target and hit save to save the changes.
  3. Once the settings are saved, go to any page that contains a .pdf link & you should see the result there!