Upgrading to version 10

PDF viewer for WordPress PDF viewer for WordPress / Getting Started Last updated on Updated  May 17, 2021

PDF Viewer for WordPress version 10 is a major update. It contains lots of changes from the previous versions. It has a completely different admin options page, depreciated all of the previous shortcodes (Previously generated shortcodes will still work, just no option to create those anymore), new set of shortcodes and many more.

If you've updated from any older version to version 10, you need to import/migrate your previous settings to new panel. Please follow the steps below to migrate old settings to new panel:

  1. Once the update is installed and activated, go to PDF Viewer > Migrate Settings Menu
  2. Copy the code provided in the textarea on the page
  3. Now go to PDF Viewer > Global Settings > Export/Import Menu
  4. Paste the code in blank textarea above import buttonĀ 
  5. Click on import button
  6. You're done importing the settings

This method imports everything except the logo and favicon images. You need to upload or select these 2 images again on the new panel.