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PDF viewer for WordPress PDF viewer for WordPress / Changelog Last updated on Updated  Jul 01, 2021

Here's the complete changelog of PDF Viewer for WordPress

10.4 (02 july 2021)

* Fixed Automatic Update issue. Please update to this version manually to be able to use auto update feature from next versions.

* Fixed issue with Printing
* Fixed Some issues with zoom
* Added 2 new shortcode parameters for zoom and page mode.
* Misc. improvements

10.3 (27 June 2021)

* Misc. improvements
* Registration required for the viewer to work. 

10.2 (23 June 2021)

* Added translation pot file

* Fixed issue with Zoom
* Misc. improvements.

10.1.5 (20 May 2021)

* Fixed not working issue on auto link and discontinued shortcodes.

10.1.4 (19 May 2021)

* Fixed issue with old PHP

10.1.3 (19 May 2021)

* Fixed issue with Default Zoom

10.1.2 (18 May 2021)

* Fixed compatibility with older PHP versions,

10.1.1 (18 May 2021)

* Fixed Pagenav issue

10.1.0 (18 May 2021)

* Fixed Spread Mode issue
* Misc. other improvements

10.0.1 (17 May 2021)

* Fixed some issues

10.0 (17 May 2021)

* 10.0 is a Major Update, Please follow this article to migrate settings:
* Changed the url structure to be much shorter.
* Changed the way to create PDF Viewers, now its easier than ever before!
* There's a new post tye pdfviewer for the PDF Viewers
* Added 2 new shortcodes, [pvfw-embed] & [pvfw-link]
* Discontinued Old shortcodes, previously created shortcodes will still work but you can't create those shortcodes anymore now
* Remove Shortcode Generator Menu items
* Updated the Options page to a new, modern & clean one
* Added option to sync global settings for each and every individual pdf viewers
* Updated Documentation, New documentation here:
* Updated Video instructions. Can be found in this playlist:
* Added lot more flexibility to use.
* PDF Viewer featured images will be used as social share thumbnail image
* Fixed linkedin share url
* Added option to customize WP File Access Manager Error Messages for every pdf viewer
* Added option to customize return to site link for every pdf viewer
* Added option to use custom JS on viewer pages
* Removed previous tinymce editor codes completely * Lot more changes and improvements.

9.2.1 (2 May 2021)

* Fixed an issue with Shortlink shortcode
* Misc. Improvments in jQuery and other areas.
9.2 (10 April 2021)
* New Gutenberg Block to create PDF Viewer shortcodes more easily and quickly.
* Replaced old Tinymce interface with new one for Classic Editor.
* Misc. Improvments.
9.1.3 (7 March 2021)
* Fixed flipbook width being smaller on mobile devices.
9.1.2 (23 February 2021)
* Fixed javascript conflict due to cache on update
9.1.1 (19 February 2021)
* Fixed Defaulting to Flipbook mode (Raised in v9.1)
* Fixed Presentation Mode not working issue
* Fixed Return to site button appearance issue
* Misc. improvements & cleanups
9.1 (17 February 2021)
* Added support for pdf's with fillable forms
* Updated shortcodes to be extendable
* Fixed issue with responsive fix
* Fixed issue with pinch-zoom
* Misc. improvements
9.0.5 (6 January 2021)
* Security fixes
* Fixed variable mismatch issue on shortcode generator pages
* Fixed spread issue on flipbook mode
9.0.4 (1 November 2020)
* Fixed icons size issue on scaled displays on windows devices
* Fixed a typo issue in options page
* Misc. improvements
9.0.3 (3 August 2020)
* Added the option to upload favicon for viewer pages
* Fixed pagenav visibility issue on android devices
* Fixed issue with pagenav display shortcode parameter.
* Added rtl support to pagenav icons.
* Appended version number to static resources to avoid caching issues on update.
9.0.2 (14 July 2020)
* Fixed small bug with pagenav left and right
9.0.1 (14 July 2020)
* Added Elementor Addon Details on Addons Page (New addon available on codecayon to allow PDF Viewer shortcode creation using Elementor Builder)
* Updated Page Navigation buttons functionality for better performance.
* Updated Menu icon
* Misc. Improvements
9.0 (2 July 2020)
* Added Flipbook Mode, Simply choose Flip in Default Scrolling Mode and Even Spread in Default Spread Mode setting to enable Flipbook by default. More Details:
* Fixed Return to Site text saving issue
* Fixed link color issue on Retiurn to Site Link on custom setting
* Added Next/Previous page buttons on  left and right center. Best for Flip Mode
* Fixed a small issue on iFrame Shortcode
* Removed Google Plus Share icon
* Added Whatsapp share icon
* Updated Viewer Page title to be unique, so it doesn't get treated as duplicates by search engines.
* Fixed a missing image (loading-small.svg) console warning
* Misc. Improvements
8.5.1 (4 June 2020)
* Fixed issue with Automatic Link/iFrame Feature
* Removed duplicate fields from tinymce editor.
8.5 (1 June 2020)
* Changed Admin Menu Name to PDF Viewer from ThemeNcode PDF Viewer
* Updated Admin Menu icon
* Added new shortcode parameters to set default scroll and default spread values
* Added a Return to Site link on bottom right corner which will use the referrer link.
* Other misc. improvements
* Fixed Highlighting Issue on toolbar items
* Slightly updated the design of right menu elements to look cleaner.
* Fixed social icons display issue on Aqua white color scheme
* Updated viewer page title, so Viewer title will use the site name instead of pdf file name.
* Made Updates/Site registration menu items visible to only admin users.
8.4 (1 may 2020)
* Fixed Language Issue
* Updated style on Upload PDF File Page
* Updated Style on Import PDF File Page
* Other misc. improvements
8.3 ( 1 April 2020)
* Added 2 actions for header and footer (Details on blog post)
* Added Default social sharing image, can be updated using filter
* Implemented pdfjs 2.3.200
* Enqueued jQuery from plugin
* Added Option to enable/disable context menu/right click
* Added option to enable/disable copy shortcut ctrl+c/cmd+c
* Misc. improvements
8.2 ( 18 January 2020)
* Added new shortcode parameter (iframe_title) to iFrame shortcode
* Fixed Link shortcode generator having a field duplicated on tinymce shortcode generator
* Added Default value for pagemode shortcode parameter to none
* Added attachments pagemode in shortcode generator
* Fixed icon size issue on safari
8.1 ( 02 December 2019)
* Added site Deregistration option for automatic updates
* Added support for PDF Files from external url's (Requires CORS config on external domain)
* Keep last settings saved for all the shortcode generator pages on wp-admin
* Some other small improvements and fixes
8.0 ( 03 November 2019)
* Fixed printing issue
* Added automatic update functionality
7.6 ( 04 August 2019)
* Fixed issue with Automatic Link/iFrame
* Fixed issue on Shortcode Generator Pages
7.5 (24 July 2019)
* Added Horizontal/Vertical scrolling options
* Added additional shortcode parameters to provide better control on toolbar items
* Added option pages to generate shortcodes from admin panel
* Lots of other improvements
7.4 (23 November 2018)
* Fixed Auto Link conflict with regular links
* Fixed & improved Share by Email functionality
7.3 (6 August 2018)
* Fixed Error in Raw Link Generator
* Fixed Warning messaged on plugin activation with debug mode
* Fixed Warning messaged on plugin options page with debug mode
7.2 (23 March 2018)
* pdfjs 1.9.426 which includes lots of improvements
* Fullscreen mode link with autoiframe feature
7.1 (19 October 2017)
* Now you can choose from predefined Themes or create your own color theme for viewer.
* Added 3 predefined Themes
* Updated the color customizer with more options
* Updated icons
* Added Light & Dark version of icons
* Made design & functional adjustments
7.0 (28 September 2017)
* Fixed: Typo mistakes in shortcode
* Added: Shortcode Parameters to Hide Current View
* Added: Shortcode Parameters to Hide Rotate
* Added: Shortcode Parameters to Hide Hand Tool
* Added: Shortcode Parameters to Hide Document Properties
* Added: Shortcode Parameters to Hide Right Toggle Menu completely
* Added: Options for hiding all the buttons (Current View, Rotate, Hand Tool, Document Properties, Toggle Menu)
* Updated: PDF js to latest stable build 1.8.188
* Some other misc fixes and updates...
6.6 (9 April 2017)
* Fixed: Page templates not showing/working for a few users with specific themes.
6.5 (27 March 2017)
* Updated pdfjs to 1.7.225
* Fixed printing issues on Edge
* Improved performance
* Fixed toggle bookmarks bar visibility on mobile
* Added new addon details to addons page
6.1 (7 November 2016)
* Fixed error in auto link and auto frame
* URL Generator updated with new structure
* Changed URL parameter from view to tnc_pvfw to avoid conflicts
* Added Language Selector in Options page which will be used for auto link and auto frame.
* Removed extra slash from URL generated by shortcode
6.0 (20 October 2016)
* Updated url structure, so PDF file url is not visible on Address bar anymore now (Not applicable to autolink and autoiframe)
* <strong>PDF File is Hard to download now </strong>
* Disabled Right Click on viewer
* PDf js script updated to latest stable version
* Some other minor updates...
5.5 (5 August 2016)
* Added a Link Generator which you can use to create direct links 
* Made Iframe Responsive Fix as not mandatory. You can now enable/disable it.
* Design Cleanup on Admin settings pages 
* Added Add-ons menu where you can find PDF Viewer addons 
* Some other minor updates...
5.3 (13 May 2016)
* Fixed a typo
5.2 (13 May 2016)
* Updated pdfjs to latest version which comes with solution to many issues
* Other minor improvements
5.1 (9 March 2016)
* Fixed saving issue in options page
5.0 (15 February 2016)
* Newly Updated Documentation (can be found here: )
* Added New Shortcode for Raw Link (tnc-pdf-viewer-raw-link)
* Changed update notification URL to https
* New Parameter page-mode added to all shortcodes
* Removed Unnecessary Fields from shortcode generator
* Added an option to assign viewer page id's manually
* Improvements and fixes to print option
* Links inside pdf will open in new tab now
* Fixed Compatibility with Plain Permalink structure
* Added Link Target Parameter Back to Shortlink Shortcode
* Many improvements to Viewer loading and other functionalities
* Fixed formatting issue on Options Page
* Some other minor improvements
4.5 (20 December 2015)
* The URL is shorter now.
* Uses Page Templates to render pdf viewer now
* Added option to ignore external pdf links for automatic link and iframe options
* Fixed Fullscreen Mode Display Option on iFrame Shortcode
* Fixed Warnings on Save Options and viewer page
4.1 (22 October 2015)
* Added PDF Importer from external Website
* Added Google Analytics Option
* Added option to change Fullscreen Text
* Some other Minor improvements
4.0 (11 September 2015)
* Update code structure to make the URL shorter
* Fixed Translation Feature
* Added a link for fullscreen mode on iframe shortcode
* Removed Target parameter from the shortlink shortcode. It will now be controlled using the option in backend
* Some other Minor improvements
3.6 (15 June 2015)
* Fixed conflict on frontend admin bar 
* Fixed a syntax error 
* Fixed styling issues on Upload PDF File Page on Backend. 
* Fixed Default zoom in iframe shortcode 
* Tested compatibility with Latest WordPress (4.2.2)
3.5 (4 June 2015)
* Now supports links inside pdf files
* Fixed Iframe shortcode issue
* Fixed Automatic Iframe height issue
* Fixed Prefix Issue to avoid conflict with other ThemeNcode Plugins/Themes
* Improved pdf uploader
* Some more adjustments which make the viewer work more smoothly
3.0 (30 January 2015)
* Added TinyMCE button added to easily create shortcodes
* Automatic Email Sending Issue Fix (It was happening for a few servers)
* Fixed Visibility options in Responsive Mode
* Fixed Social Share Hiding Issue
* Fixed Saving Issue on Backend Settings Page
* Added Page Links shortcode Parameter (link to a specific page of pdf file)
* Added new shortcode parameter for default zoom
* Added Automatic Iframe Option 
* Added a Page for Uploading PDF File & get link easily
2.0 (16 September 2014)
* Added Translation Option
* Translatable into 100+ languages
* New Shortcode to keep the link short
* Autolink Target Option
* Custom Css Field for Viewer
* Integrated Logo Uploader
* Customize colors of Viewer
1.3 (5 August 2014)
* Fixed Automatic Linking issue
1.2 (20 July 2014)
* Fixed Logo Formatting
* More Clear & Nice Admin Interface
* Replaced split function so its compatible with php 5.3+
* Added More Screenshots
1.1 (7 July 2014)
* Fixed Compatibility Issue with Safari Browser
* Fixed Social Media Icon aligning
* Fixed Responsive Issues
1.0 (7 July 2014)
* First Release